Investment Philosophy


The Remey Wealth Advisory Group can serve you effectively after we understand your financial circumstances and investment goals. We will guide you through the following steps to help create a comprehensive financial plan that works for you:

Step 1: Data gathering
The investment process starts with our gaining a comprehensive understanding of your financial resources, liabilities, and objectives, as well as your investment horizon, risk tolerance, and long-term goals which we do by working with Stifel's Wealth Planning department. We then present a report that combines goals-based guidance with sophisticated statistical modeling, which is an effective, easy-to-understand way to help you pursue your most important goals.

Step 2:  Developing your asset allocation strategy
Through the use of strategic asset allocation, we utilize the tenets of modern portfolio theory to structure your optimal portfolio. An optimal portfolio has the greatest return potential for a given amount of risk. We specifically construct an asset allocation model to enhance the potential for better returns, lower overall portfolio risk, and position your portfolio to take advantage of investment opportunities. 

Adhering to an asset allocation strategy helps remove the emotion from investing.

Step 3: Selecting investments
There are a broad array of investment and financial products available in today's marketplace. We will identify specific equities, fixed income instruments, internal or external professional money management sources, or in most cases, a combination of each to develop your recommended investment plan. Each selected investment will be periodically reviewed to ensure that its performance and relevance in your portfolio remain in-line with expectations and benchmark comparison.

Step 4: Periodically review portfolio
Finally, in addition to the utmost in customer service and satisfaction, you will receive periodic reviews encompassing your investment objectives, portfolio performance, and review of your progress toward your financial goals. As your life continues to grow and change, your strategy should be adapted to encompass your life events.


Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against loss.